21 March 2010

March of the Orcs!

From his vantage point in the ruined hovel, Irontoof peered down the street with his one good eye. It was a hard battle, but his ladz had seen off the preachy With Hunters and claimed the street as theirs! Already, Bog the Shaman was examining one of the green shards they had heard so much about. Worth a coin of two, according to the spellcaster, who occassionally rubbed his head where a With Hunter's sword had nearly cleaved it. The goblins, meanwhile, were fighting over who would get the dead squig's hide. Growling at his two hulking lieutenants to get a move on, Irontoof looked down the winding street again, scowling as he saw a number of stunted figures picking their way through the rubble. No time to rest, time for Waaagh!

The dwarves had proven tough, but not tough enough for the weighted clubs of the ladz. Bartering with the foul-smelling human for coin had been annoying, but rewarding nonetheless. Irontoof bashed the Arrer boy on the shoulder, grinning. They'd dubbed him "Eye of Gork" for his uncanny ability to find the shards they sought. Feeling well pleased with himself, he allowed his band to roam around, looking for scraps of anything in the rubble. It was the Eye that pointed out the purple-clad Sisters, whose fierce reputation preceded them like a cloud. Grinning, Irontoof ordered his ladz to make ready for battle. These squishy humies would be no match for them.

Tired of running, the Orcs huddled in what used to be some merchant's house. A small fire warmed them, but the bitter disappointment at being seen off by a bunch of holier-than-thou women could be read on their faces. "Boss," said Bog the Shaman, "I's 'eard of this pool which is s'posed ta be all holy. I's sure da Sistas'd hate fer us ta go and piss in it, don't ya think?" Irontoof grinned; "C'mon ladz, we's got ourselves some payback ta deliver!"

As the Orcs cheered their leader, a small figure sneaked off the roof where it'd been spying on the green horde. It's tail caught the moonlight as it turned and sought out its fellows, eager to tell the news of a magical pool ripe for the taking. Mayhap the orcs could be reasoned with, too. And if not, poison works as well on them as on anyone.


Has said...

Won 2, lost 2. New warband rating 190. 5 heroes, 7 orc boyz, 2 goblins and 2 squigs, 16 models total.

Brothers Grimm said...

Won 2 (vs. Orcs and vs. Dwarves) and
Lost 2 (vs. Skaven and vs. Dwarves).
Still need to compute my new warband rating.

Ruben said...

Lost 3 ;-( but won one ;-) Shame we lost from the orces, but next time our axes will split there skulls.