14 April 2010

'nother battle! (by Pippin)

Three dirty goblins crossed the line...

What started out as a nice and sunny evening for the thieves guild, turned into a frightful night. Just as the sun sets on the ruins of Mordheim, the last sunbeams reflect on armored warriors. Two warbands advance at the old house. A house that only this afternoon has been stuffed to the ceiling with loot from all over town. But then, as the canoneers piss their trousers at the sight of the giant Orc warriors, the Skaven suddenly charge the rearguard of the Orcs. The sight of the thieves's cannons must have changed their minds. One by one the swarms of Skaven take out the Orcs, until at last the Orc wardrums cease their frightening rhythm. The skaven can be heard scavenging the houses and streets until deep in the night. And then silence returns to the quarter. In the morning the only trace of the battle are the bodies of three dirty goblins.

07 April 2010

Battle! Pictures!

The Orcs mashed the Witch Hunters into a fine paste (with the help of a possessed wizard) last night! Here are some pictures.

An Orc Boy surveys the carnage in the narrow streets below

Led by a man wielding a sheep and directed by a halfling cook, the Witch Hunters search the ruins for a madman bent on ritual sacrifice.

Peace once again returns to this part of the City of the Damned after the victorious orcs move on.