23 February 2010

Another scenery WiP

So here's what I've got so far. In the first few pictures you could see the following structures;

- Round temple / ruined watchtower (not weathertop, honest guv)
- Round fieldstone tower (bought it ages ago)
- Small guardhouse with tower
- Large fieldstone/timber house with tower
- Ruined bell tower
- Huge multi-story building

I've since finished up the large fieldstone house (still need to add rubble though) and worked on the huge building some, but also started another small house, probably some merchant's shop with storage cellar above-ground.

So, for some pictures (sorry for the poor quality);

Here we have the astronomer's, so named because of the impromtu skylight in the tower.

Either this was the mayor's house, or the local brothel. In practice, they are much the same.

I'm debating on whether to cover the roof with (some) shingles or leave it as-is.

The merchant's house, small but servicable, including the above-ground cellar for dry goods.

Not entirely sure what this is going to be yet. Sure is fancy though!

And, of course, my cousin's cat helping me achieve the extra-ruined look (yes, she is actually chewing on a plaster block. She's special).

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Dustin said...

Dude, I love your Stuff. If I had the cash and didn't have kids hanging off my neck all day I'd be so deep into this.

Keep it up, never stop!